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About Acme Achievers – Your Singapore NLP Training Partner

Established in 2008, Acme Achievers has since become one of the foremost Singapore NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coaching programme providers.

As one of Singapore and Asia’s leading training organizations, Acme Achievers specializes in providing quality NLP trainings, certification programmes, business consultancy and personal coaching services to success seekers from various companies, government organizations, schools as well as the general public.

“The only good luck many great men ever had was being born with the ability and determination to overcome bad luck.” ~ Channing Pollock

As the Greek word “Acme” (which stands for peak) indicates, Acme Achievers’ Singapore NLP programme is all about empowering individuals to achieve peak performance in whatever they do. Being “RESULTS-FOCUSED”, Acme Achievers has touched the lives of thousands of people in Singapore and the region, having also created a unique platform where participants can truly put their newly acquired skills and knowledge into real life situations.

Combining the best of 3 powerful tools (NLP, Enneagram and Wealth Dynamics), Acme Achievers is also probably the ONLY company in the world that has developed the ultimate coaching success system to help people to achieve their goals more easily and swiftly:

NLP– Master PROVEN principles, strategies and tools that will help you to create positive changes in your behavior rapidly, develop more self-confidence, motivation and focus in life. Model powerful patterns that acme achievers follow and find your fast track towards success.

Enneagram– Helps you to understand what your deeper values and beliefs are, since they habitually shape the decisions we make in life and our results in life.

Wealth Dynamics– Learn how to make wealth creation an easy process by discovering how to get into “Flow” and help your team members get into theirs. While ordinary people constantly labor to achieve their desired financial outcomes in life, achievers usually recognize the power of leverage and work harmoniously with the RIGHT team members to increase their productivity.

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Acme Achievers – A Symbol of Quality Singapore NLP Trainings

Singapore NLP Training Company - Acme AchieversAt Acme Achievers, we are dedicated and devoted to providing the highest level of training to our clients, inspiring individuals and catalyzing corporations to become their own powerful drivers of their envisioned success. We provide a wide array of life-changing Singapore NLP certification training and coaching programs, including Singapore NLP Practitioner training and Master Practitioner Certification programs that are recognized by one of the world’s largest NLP boards- ABNLP.

Who is ABNLP?

The American Board of NLP was founded in 1995 by Dr. A. M. Krasner as an adjunct to the American Board of Hypnotherapy and has functioned as its sister organization since then.

Highly recognized worldwide, the standards for each of the memThe American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programmingbership levels at ABNLP are pretty much the same. For example, an NLP Practitioner training in Singapore, the UK etc is very much like an NLP Practitioner Training in America. Every Certified Trainer is demanded to follow a set of standards that are set by the Board to ensure the highest level of training and coaching excellence being performed.