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Become a NLP Sales Guru and Start Dominating Your Market!

A Successful NLP Sales SuperstarAre you or your sales people too focused on selling the steak and not the sizzle?
Are you meeting many people yet not closing enough deals?
Do you know more about your products than about people, more about data sheets and less about their buying blueprints?

Why NLP for sales and influence

Imagine mastering the ultimate secret to finally shatter your performance barrier with Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP). In this programme, you will discover some of the common mistakes that most salespeople tend to make when selling and ways to avoid them, while learning and modelling the success strategies that all top sales performer use!

What you will learn

  • Develop the winning mindset and building positive beliefs;
  • Develop positive states for selling success;
  • Reframe problems into opportunities;
  • Build instant credibility through rapid rapport strategies;
  • Understand what the “Trojan Horse Influence” is and how to integrate it into your sales process;
  • Deliver bulletproof sales presentations using hypnotic language patterns;
  • Handle objections with confidence and competence;
  • Improve sales conversion ratio using meta-programs precision selling techniques;
  • Sell any product or idea to anyone in 60 seconds or less;
  • Study eye patterns and detect buying interest


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So if you are geared up to master cutting edge tools to increase your confidence and competence in selling, while overcoming the buying resistance and conquering the close, this is certainly what you are looking for.

Who should attend?

Sales professionals, sales managers, entrepreneurs  who want to boost their sales and improve their selling skills. People who want to communicate with influence.

More Rave Reviews:

“I would strongly recommend all business owners to go for this, if increasing the closing rate is their top priority.”

– Grace, Business Owner

NLP exposed me to the whole new dimension when it comes to influence and peak performance. I use the techniques daily to achieve some of the most unbelievable sales targets. I will highly recommend NLP to others.”

– Chariot, High Achieving Wealth Manager

Jacky’s proficiency as an NLP trainer definitely came through to my sales team. We were even guided through the follow-up after the training was completed. I am delighted to have engaged Jacky who gone the extra mile in enhancing the effectiveness of my team.”

– Alysha, HR Executive for Beijing 101

You can also JOIN our Upcoming Sales and NLP Influence Workshop on 23rd of March.

Sales and NLP Influence Workshop

Acme Achievers LLP
Wednesday, March 2016 from 9:30am to 5:30pm (SGT)
Bras Basah
231 Bain Street, #04-37 Bras Basah Complex, 180231, Singapore 180231, Singapore


ACME Achievers is led by one of Singapore’s Certified NLP Training provider, Jacky Lim. We offer several courses and training programs prepared for anyone who is determined to reach their goals and earn success both in their personal life and career. Aside from our sales workshop we also offer public speaking training, NLP practitioner courses, and Master practitioner certifications. You can also take advantage of our Online NLP Coaching and Free Fast Track Courses!

Each of the Training and Courses provided by Jacky Lim/ACME Achievers come with a 60% cash payout under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme. Learn more of this amazing catch and call (+65) 9822 7132.