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Experience the power to transform your life today with Singapore’s top NLP trainer Jacky Lim

Congratulations for finding your way to this page! Your quest for a breakthrough is likely to end here!

Singapore NLP Training ClassHave you ever wanted to learn the secrets of

  • Increasing your personal income and building a rewarding career
  • Becoming the best in your professional field and getting the job promotion you desire
  • Enhancing your persuasive and leadership influence
  • Finding ultimate happiness, passion and purpose in life
  • Building fulfilling and lasting relationships
  • Finding your natural wealth creation path and start doing less yet achieving more

Yet since becoming an avid practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) myself more than 10 years ago, and having worked with thousands of people all across the region, I began to discover some of the common challenges that most people face in life:

  • Procrastination and lack of focus
  • Fear of rejection (E.g. Public Speaking)
  • Hitting a plateau in their career
  • Struggling financially while stuck in the Rat Race
  • Poor communication skills and failed relationships (E.g. Marriages on the rocks)
  • Stumbling through life’s challenges instead of overcoming them

Are you one of them?

Fortunately, I have found a proven method to solve these challenges for you! And this begins with fixing your subconscious beliefs in life.

Experience a transformational breakthrough in 1-day!

In my newly-revised and improved NLP Full-Day workshop, let me show you precisely how to overcome your life’s challenges and achieve your desired breakthroughs and outcomes the easier and faster way!

Learn proven NLP principles, tools and strategies which you need to master to jump start your journey to succeed in both your personal and professional life; create a success blueprint for your finances, relationships, health etc. to redefine and reinvigorate your life.

Enrol now and

  1. Identify the real and root problemsthat are holding you back from achieving your next breakthrough
  1. Discover the secret of breaking procrastination and stay motivated 
  1. Overcome negative emotions like fear and stress
  1. Master 3 simple tips to accelerate your journey to success with Jacky’s unique Acme Success Coaching™ Framework
  1. Understand how your subconscious beliefs and inner conflicts might become the biggest stumbling block to your personal success and how to change them
  1. Leverage on our Acme Modelling™ framework to master any new skill rapidly and improve productivity at the workplace
  1. Learn from success stories of graduates who reinvented themselves to create the next level of breakthroughs in their life, and how you could be the next success story
  1. Identify the 8 proven paths of attracting wealth the fun and easy way
  1. Master the 3 essential elements of influence and gain an unfair advantage in influence
  1. Turn your relationship pain into gain by developing effective communication skills
  1. Learn how to kickstart a full-time or part-time career as a life coach or executive coach and earn between $350-1000 an hour

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