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nlp-practitioner-certification-course-participantsIs there any area of your life which you have been struggling to make a breakthrough? Perhaps it is a destructive addiction which you have been trying in vain to overcome, or a broken relationship with a significant other which you feel powerless to turn around. According to numerous surveys done in Singapore and many parts of the world, many people experience job dissatisfaction and are generally not happy and feeling fulfilled in their lives.

NLP as the Antidote to Today’s Challenges

Finally, you can now take charge of your life and discover the KEY to unlocking your desired success and achieving your breakthroughs with Acme Achievers NLP Coaching!

For the last decade, NLP Coaching has been gaining mainstream recognition in Singapore as an emerging and growing field. Since its origins in the early 1970s in America, Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP has been proven to help millions of people from all over the world to tap into their personal strengths and inner alignment. It has equipped many NLP Practitioners with practical and powerful tools to handle myriad personal and situational challenges. For instance, a survey conducted by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) reported the following wide range of benefits through the implementation of NLP Coaching:

  • Increased self-awareness by 67.6%
  • Improved goal setting by 62.4%
  • Creates a more balanced life by 60.5%
  • Lower stress levels by 57.1%
  • Increased confidence by 52.4%
  • Enhanced communication skills by 39.5%
  • Reduced procrastination and increased project completion by 35.7%
  • Improved health or fitness level by 33.8%
  • Creates better relationship with co-workers by 33.3%
  • Improves family relationships by 33.3%

Learn More About NLP Coaching

NLP Practitioners Role Playing Essentially, NLP coaching is about helping someone to achieve his goals and empower him to make progress in his life continuously. The word “coach” is an old French word that refers to a vehicle which helps transport people from one place to another. With the help and guidance of a coach, one can thus climb the ladder of success in any areas of his life much faster and easily. In fact, consider the following advantages that NLP Coaching has when compared to other schools of coaching?

1. NLP has a PROVEN 40-year record

Unlike conventional training methods and techniques, NLP leverages on the power of modelling to help you or your clients achieve results effectively and efficiently.

2. NLP Coaching helps you to achieve your desired results and behavior faster

Compared to many other tools, NLP techniques are well-known for its ability to achieve results in lightning speed. For instance, it has been proven to help destroy phobias within an hour.

3. NLP techniques help reduce your clients' resistance to change

NLP uses superb rapport building strategies and various other tools to help bypass a person’s critical faculty and effect change of his behaviour at the unconscious level.

4. NLP Coaching improves learning effectiveness

While most education is concerned about teaching conscious concepts to conscious minds, NLP Practitioners recognize the benefits of teaching to both the conscious mind and the unconscious mind and appeal to both for the process of change to occur. After all, most learning behaviour change is unconscious.

5. NLP adopts a holistic approach to solving problems

NLP comprises of techniques which help effect positive change while taking ecology into consideration. Used appropriately, it rarely causes any “side effects” in the process of solving problems.

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What’s Unique About Acme Achievers NLP Coaching?

Fulfilling 5 Criteria of Life With NLPCombining the best of NLP, Enneagram and the Wealth Dynamics, our NLP Coach and founder of Acme Coaching™, Jacky Lim, has also created the ultimate coaching model to help countless discover their natural strengths and achieve their goals much swiftly. Instead of just helping our clients to develop the skills, knowledge, beliefs, attitudes etc. to reach their outcomes, our NLP coaches have helped many clients understand if they are heading down to the right destination (setting the right outcomes) in the first place.

At Acme Achievers, we also focus on helping our clients develop strategies to improve the 5 main areas of their lives, including their finances, personal development, relationships, health, career and business. With the help of Enneagram and the Wealth Dynamics, our clients are able to understand themselves better (e.g. behavior, values and natural money habits) and make their desired changes fast.

Get paid to help others by becoming a NLP Life Coach

nlp-practitioner-practicing Thinking of becoming a coach yourself? Wishing to be the one who is going to make a positive difference in the lives of others?

At Acme Achievers, our NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses are designed to equip our graduates with knowledge and understanding of the coaching process. They are useful for people who are aspiring to be a life coach, as well as relevant and practical for anyone to be equipped to coach themselves and others.

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