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Dynamic Influence™

NLP for Success in People Mastery

Are you currently a team leader who is struggling to win the support of your team members, often falling flat in motivating them to embrace your ideas and steering everyone forward?

Have you often been passed over for the promotion you feel you deserve just because of your lack of great interpersonal skills?

Or perhaps you are a sales professional or business owner who are not closing as many deals as you desire because you are unable to connect with your prospects and identify their buying motives?

In this highly-intensive 2-day programme, you will finally master the psychology of influence while learning practical techniques to build more rapport, trust and connection with your peers, superiors, prospects and/or clients. Master several cutting edge NLP tools to improve your communication and people skills, creating more fulfilling and rewarding relationships with the people around you.

What will you gain out of the programme

  • Identify the qualities and principles to be an effective communicator
  • Learn ways to influence others without the need for positional power
  • Improve confidence, resourcefulness and productivity at workplace
  • Gain buy-in to meet objectives and build positive working relationships
  • Master the art of building rapid rapport
  • Discover causes of communication breakdown and ways to prevent it
  • Understand different communication styles to be more adaptable in influence
  • Develop quick thinking skills to deal with challenging people and difficult situations
  • Discover how to build long-lasting relationships and strategies to deal with potential relationship conflicts when they do happen
  • Master effective communication through use of metaphors and storytelling
  • Improve sensory acuity to understand peoples’ needs better and master authentic influence

“I have learned to relate and work better with people who have different energies and strategies from me. I have learned to become more flexible when it comes to dealing with people who have different needs.”

Rose Toh, Senior Admin Coordinator

“Jacky is certainly the master in transforming one’s ability to communicate with greater impact. While I had previously struggled often to get people to accept my viewpoint and ideas, I can now influence others in ways I never knew it is possible in the past.”

Steven Shi, Software Engineer

“After attending Jacky’s training program, I have improved my ability to read other people’s non-verbal cues more accurately. This has in turn increase my ability to influence and enriched my relationships with the people around me.”

Eddric Yang, Officer

“Jacky has empowered me to manage and improve my relationship with various people around me. Through the mastery of powerful linguistic tool, I have significantly improved my ability to ask intelligent questions and clarify information when necessary. Prior to attending Jacky’s course, I had often got into awkward situations where I was tongue-tied and did not know how to keep a conversation flowing.”

Nguyen Huong Duong, Regional Marketing Executive

Program Outline

  • Icebreaker and setting of training outcomes
  • Defining Influence and keys to effective influence
  • Understanding the Psychology of Influence
  • Art of Building Connection and Rapid Rapport
  • Identifying motivation triggers using Meta-Programs
  • Representation Systems and Eye Patterns
  • Chunking for Empowering Communication
  • Handle objections effectively with Meta-Model
  • Master the language of persuasion using Milton Model
  • Use metaphors to “teach” and persuade the most resistant people
  • Perceptual Positions for Relationship Conflicts

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