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transformational leadership

Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.

How are you as a leader? Are you seeing a change in your flock?

It’s no easy task to be overseeing things on top and leading a group of people, all with their own strengths, weaknesses, and personalities. It’s a balancing act on top a very narrow beam, where wrong moves could send you reeling into the pits of frustration and defeat. So, if you are setting your eyes on improvement, you must understand that you should not settle only on being a leader. You need to be someone who transforms.

Characteristics that Define Transformational Leadership?

There are several patterns of behavior that define transformational leadership. First, it employs the charisma of leaders to gain the respect and trust of the people they lead and to instill pride in the latter. Charisma highlights the provision of a common vision and sense of mission which are essential to transformation. The second characteristic is your ability to inspire by using symbols to redirect the people’s efforts. The third is intellectual stimulation a leader provides to highlight the importance of creativity and rationality in problem-solving situations. Lastly, it offers individualized consideration. This means treating employees or followers by offering them personal attention and coaching when necessary.

Transactional Leadership

To fully appreciate what transformational leadership can do, it helps that we look at its counterpart which is transactional leadership. This type of management is where leaders focus on the role of supervision, group performance, and organization. It works within a set of established goals and organizational boundaries. It emphasized performance evaluation, rewards, and is task- and outcome- oriented. It is also effective under strict time and resource constraints.

In contrast, transformational leadership is focused on motivating and engaging followers with a vision of the future. A transformative leadership prefers to increase employee motivation and engagement to give people a sense of self with the organization’s values. While transactional leadership focuses on the status quo and looks closely on how employees perform their tasks.

Another key difference between the two leadership styles is that transactional leaders use the traditional way of employing reward and punishment. Meanwhile, transformational leaders prefer to achieve positive results from the people by keeping them invested in projects that lead to an internal, high-order reward system.

Transactional leaders also appeal to the self-interest of employees who sought rewards for themselves. In contrast, transformational leaders appeal towards organizational success and group interest.

How To Be a Transformational Leader

Make that decision. Deciding means being proactive. You need to step up and develop the tenacity to pursue your purpose with greater awareness. This also entails re-engaging yourself and doing it continually whenever you find yourself disengaging.

Map out your purpose. This means defining a purpose for yourself and figuring out how your current position can help you achieve that purpose. For instance, you see your purpose as a leader in helping people adopt a healthier lifestyle. With the platform you have, you can get others excited about your purpose and plan how your actions as a leader can help you achieve your purpose.

Define your values. This requires introspection and look within yourself on which aspects of life is more important to you. For example, if you say that you support small business, you show consistency in your words and deeds when you also support other startups. Making a conscious effort to act in line with your values exhibit a transformational leadership position.

Coaching and mentoring others. Shift your attention by making others the focus of your meetings instead of yourself. Instead of just making speeches, choose to listen instead. Give others the opportunity to share their opinions and suggestions in making decisions. This approach will allow you to be close and personal because it calls on you to take the time to talk to people individually – immersing yourself with the community under your leadership. If you think that you are not a team player, make efforts to improve your people skills. There are classes in interpersonal communication and leadership that can help you on this.

Constantly strive for innovation. A key trait in transformational leaders is their ability to be change agents. You need to awaken within you a desire to create an impact and encourage others to be involved in the change process.

How Can Transformational Leadership Take You Forward?

If you strive to be a transformational leader, you will be able to articulate an organization’s common purpose in a way that would emphasize the social dimension of the process. This means highlighting the impact of an individual’s actions to achieve the common goal. In effect, this accentuates the meaningfulness of the consequences of each action.

Consequently, transformational leadership is an interactive endeavor because it is where leaders and followers reach a high degree of interconnectedness where they can achieve the desired changes. To understand this better, try putting yourself in the shoes of the people you lead. Wouldn’t you feel important when you are made to feel that your presence and your ideas matter? You help people find meaning in their activities creating a determinant effect on an organization’s successful performance.

Being a transformational leader takes time. It will not give you an easy change, and it may also have you come face to face with some resistance. But the rewards will be great, especially if you clamor for radical change under your leadership.

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