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Wealth Dynamics Profile Test

Secrets to Creating More Wealth with NLP!

You are less than 20 minutes away from knowing exactly your path of least resistance when it comes to building wealth…

Are you struggling or soaring to success?

Have you constantly been struggling to keep yourself motivated at work because you dislike what you are doing? Have you ever wondered if professional speaking, stocks trading, internet marketing, property investing, network marketing or running a traditional business is the best path you should take to create or accumulate your wealth?

Unlike what most people probably think, building wealth isn’t all about struggling and going through an unpleasant or even a painful process. According to the late Steve Jobs, the key to his success lies in discovering what he truly loved doing and assembling a great team of business associates. Indeed, most of the wealthiest and successful people in the world are passionate about what they do. They have also learned to tap into their natural strengths and leverage on the talents of others, developing a wealth strategy that they will always possess the drive and energy to follow through (even during those tough times).

There Are Only 8 Ways to Create Wealth

While most people assume that there are countless ways to make more money, in all of history there have only ever been eight ways to create wealth!

1. Creator: Creating a better product

2. Star: Creating a unique brand

3. Supporter: Leading the team

4. Dealmaker: Bringing people together

5. Trader: Buying and selling commodities

6. Accumulator: Collecting appreciating assets

7: Lord: Controlling cash-generating assets

8. Mechanic: Creating a better system

Wealth Dynamics Square

Combining the best of NLP, Enneagram and the ONLY personality test that reveals your natural wealth creation path, Wealth Dynamics, Acme Achievers has conceived one of the world’s most exciting and powerful Modeling frameworks ever. Going right into the roots of effective modeling, we have helped many clients to find their unique path of least resistance (enter into “Flow”) and achieve their desired financial outcomes even more rapidly.

Attract Wealth by being a Master and Not a Jack of All Trades?

Because every person has only a limited amount of time (24 hours/day) to work with, it is essential for him to focus on finding ways to increase his productivity. In fact, success is more often a result of what you say “No” to than what you say “Yes” to. Ask yourself: How can you possibly achieve more while doing less?

If a network marketer (Supporter) also tried to be a great investor (Accumulator), he would most likely fail at both things. Otherwise, he might not be able to excel as well as those who have chosen to focus on sharpening their skills in just one area. As the old saying goes, it takes at least 10,000 hours of practice in order for one to be a master in anything! Thus success requires absolute focus and commitment. Nobody wishes to do business with people who seem to be distracted and average at many things- they want to work with the best and the specialist of the field.

To learn more about how our unique and revolutionary modeling system can empower you to leapfrog your wealth creation ability and find your “flow” in life, come join us for one of our complimentary NLP Sharing Sessions or contact us today!

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What Is Covered in the Wealth Dynamics Profile Results

Icon ReportYour Wealth Profile
This shows you the most natural activities you should focus on to Create Wealth.
icon-whoRole Models Who Share Your Wealth Profile
Which top entrepreneurs you should study and learn from.
Iicon-balanceYour Strengths & Weaknesses as a Wealth Creator
What gets you into your flow. What are distractions and what are opportunities.
icon-firststepHow to Build Your Wealth Foundation
What are the first steps you should take so you don’t lose your wealth later.
icon-when2Your Moment of Wealth Creation
What “Critical Moments” should you be on the lookout for.
icon-how2How to Create Value using Your Profile
How to channel your strengths in a way that the world responds favourably to.
 icon-controldelegate2The Value You Need to Own
The things you should never outsource to anyone and the things you can delegate freely.
 icon-64dotsHow to Leverage Your Value to Many
How to take even small amounts of value and get it into the hands of many.
 icon-securewealth2How You Secure Your Cashflow
So you don’t become a “boom-buster”.

So if you are ready to join over 20,000 entrepreneurs in over 20 countries to take the test and discover your profile, come join us for one of our complimentary NLP Sharing Sessions  and contact us to take the Wealth Dynamics Test today!