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Why Take the Wealth Spectrum Test?

Where Are You Playing the Money Game?

“Don’t chase the pot of gold. Instead, paint the rainbow.” 

A Pot of Gold

Putting everything else constant, why is it that two people who share the same Wealth Dynamics profile may actually reap contrasting results in life? Why is it that there are people who are constantly worrying and struggling to get rid of their escalating debts in life and there are people who seemed to be getting richer each passing day, attracting money effortlessly to their lives like magnets? Again in NLP, we love to ask the million dollar question: What makes a difference?

If the Wealth Dynamics is about finding out who you are, I believe the Wealth Spectrum is about discovering where you are currently playing the money game. How can you play the game at a higher level so that you can reach your desired financial outcome?

Why Take the Wealth Spectrum Test?

The Wealth Spectrum is a test that focuses ALL available knowledge on wealth creation, entrepreneurship and investing into one practical outcome– what you specifically need to do next. Otherwise, your greatest costs on your personal road to financial success will be:

  • Time and effort wasted on strategies that simply aren’t right for you.
  • Money lost from missed opportunities you didn’t even see in front of you.
  • Your confidence knocked by risking too much or waiting too long.
  • Confusion from too many choices and too much information.
  • Regrets later about “If I had only known back then what I know now”… 

All these costs don’t come from lack of information, but lack of direction. If you want to ski, scuba dive, play football – the first question your instructor will ask is “what level are you?” The Wealth Spectrum gives you clarity on your wealth level – which means you can take a next step that builds your certainty without killing your confidence:

  1. You get clarity on the next steps to take
    Deciding whether it is more important to market ourselves, put systems in place, find a partner, look for financing or sort out our personal finances becomes easy when we know our level. The next step becomes the right step.
  2. When you know the step to take, your progress is in your power
    We can learn to play the guitar, decode our DNA, and fly to the moon, yet our wealth and business is still such a mystery. Once you have a map and a location, uncertainty disappears and your progress is entirely up to you.
  3. Clarity of the levels gives us clarity of our reality
    Every level, like a radio station, makes our reality sound like the only song in town. The reason we get stuck in debt, stuck in our business, stuck at a level of wealth or effectiveness, is because we are not clear on what the other levels are, and how they operate– often in opposite ways to the level we are at.

Wealth is a language. The more proficient we are, the more our mastery is reflected in the results we achieve. The Wealth Spectrum divides into nine levels, which spans every level of wealth proficiency. All advice from the authors you have read, the speakers you have heard and the mentors you have admired is contained within the Wealth Spectrum, and they always fit the same specific steps.

The Wealth Spectrum

Everyone from Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Donald Trump to Barack Obama to your neighbours, your parents and children are on a step on the spectrum. From being in debt, making a billion, to printing a trillion, we are all in the same spectrum. We can all move up or move down from where we are. Once we know where we are.

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What Do I Get When I Take the Test? 

What do you get for JUST $37 and 10 minutes of your time to take the test?

Your Wealth Prism

Your Wealth Prism

Find out if you’re in the foundation, enterprise or alchemy prism. The answer might shock you…

Your Wealth Level

Your Wealth Level

Your exact level in the Wealth Spectrum, and what it means in relation to the other levels.

Your Pain & Gain

Your Pain & Gain

Every level has costs and benefits. Understanding these will give you new insight into why you’ve been stuck at one level.

Your 3 Steps to Build Wealth Easily

Your 3 Steps

What are the three steps to move you to the next level? These give you clear direction you can follow immediately.

The Wealth Profiles

The Wealth Profiles

Learn how each Wealth Profile uses different strategies to move through each step within the Wealth Spectrum.

The OneLife Lighthouse

The OneLife Lighthouse

Discover what books to read, mentors to follow and sites to visit in a structured library and resource centre we call the lighthouse.

“WOW! You’re still reading?”

If you’ve come right down to the bottom of this page, you’re most likely to be here for one of three reasons: 

  1. You’re impatient: Yes, you haven’t really read anything, but quickly scrolled down to the end to see what’s here. If this is you, I encourage you to go back and read the information above. In the same way, don’t take the test just to know the answer. Take the test because it will get you focused on asking the right questions. Rush up the mountain and you’re more likely to fall off. Less haste, more pace.
  2. You’re skeptical: You simply don’t believe a test can give you the clarity I’ve promised. The good news is, you’re still here. If this is you, I’d recommend you join one of our complimentary NLP Sharing Sessions to get more details about the test first. Don’t take the test until you’re ready. It’s not about whether the test works. It’s whether you want to work it.
  3. You’re uncertain: You are ready to give the test a go, but you’re just browsing a bit more before taking action. My advice – take the test now. When you take the test, we give you information on the entire spectrum. It’s like going to a restaurant and trying to decide from the menu what to order, and the waiter says “Just choose anything and we’ll let you try everything”. The easiest way to try it is to try it.

Thanks for your time, and remember – the easiest way to the pot of gold is to paint your own rainbow. Till we meet again, unleash the star in you!

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